Oral bone defects

"We manufacture Patient Specific Implants: subperiosteal dental implants, titanium meshes and custom-made synthetic grafts for your patient, for the rehabilitation of oral bone defects. vertical and horizontal. We manufacture solutions for guided bone regeneration, such as bone blocks and custom titanium meshes, and oral implants, subperiosteal, tailored to each clinical case.”

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 Dr. João Mouzinho

"Excellence is not a luxury, it is an option."

Dr. João Mouzinho, Molar Clinic
Dra. Kátia Vilela

"I recommend everyone"

Dra. Kátia Vilela

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Zath & Boneeasy manufacturing and distribution agreement

China, 30 April, 2019

On 30 April, BoneEasy and Zath agreed to develop and distribute orthopedic implants in Europe and China.


Boneeasy present on Craniofacial Surgery 2018

London, UK,October 8-9, 2018

Boneeasy will be present at the Craniofacial Surgery 2018, with two lectures on its products - titanium meshes and individualized dental implants - being the individualized solutions, the future of bone regeneration and oral rehabilitation. Visitors will be able to access a customized surgical knitting workshop.

Boneeasy present on ADF - Associacion Dentaire de France

Paris, 1 December, 2017

Doing business. Finding solutions and partners for our new products.

We are looking for new distributors

Worldwide; 7 October, 2017

Boneeasy is a medical device manufacturer and we are currently looking for distributors worldwide for our products, namely Mesh4U (individualized titanium mesh), Bone4U (individualized synthetic bone blocks) and ImplanTize (individualized titanium implants).


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